Xcellen: A case study in pursuing commercial excellence through digital means

In an era of rapid and constant technological advancements, the pharmaceutical industry stands at the crossroads of innovation and transformation. To achieve business objectives, it has become crucial for such companies to explore how these digital means can be harnessed to push for commercial excellence within the organization. Xcellen was founded in 2015 to provide pharma businesses with several intelligent features and a whole range of capabilities to improve their SFE activities and attain commercial excellence.

Starting with the launch of Xpower Customer Targeting, our products have looked to plug the gap in customer profiling, segmentation, and targeting processes while helping them achieve higher sales force productivity. With the marketing landscape rapidly evolving, the time is ripe to leverage emerging technologies and tap into the omnichannel engagement potential. This blog will look at how Xcellen has helped pharma businesses and life science companies improve their SFE and streamline their overall processes. The company’s cloud-based solutions have enabled faster and more seamless data processing for business users.

Understanding commercial excellence in pharma

Before diving down into the system’s intricacies, it can be helpful to understand better what commercial excellence means in pharma. Commercial excellence in pharmaceutical companies refers to the comprehensive optimization of sales, marketing, and customer engagement strategies to achieve superior business performance, increased customer satisfaction, and sustainable profitability. It involves aligning various organizational functions, such as sales, marketing, market access, and customer support, to work collaboratively towards common goals and objectives. One of the fundamental ways of doing that could be by harnessing technological means and looking at the vast amounts of data usually generated by pharma companies. In the present business climate, commercial excellence prospects are closely tied to a company’s data capabilities. Xpower tools and products can help life science companies leverage their data insights and identify unique patterns within.

Achieving commercial excellence through digital means

For pharma business users, achieving commercial excellence through digital means involves leveraging technology to enhance various aspects of operations, sales, marketing, and customer engagement while adhering to regulatory requirements. Due to high market saturation with a vast amount of online information, it becomes critical for those companies to differentiate themselves by providing information or relevant content for the HCPs they interact with. Hence, to achieve that, it becomes essential to analyze and understand what works best in the overall HCP engagement cycle and constantly look to improve based on real-time feedback and results.

Finding the right customer

Profiling, segmenting, and targeting the right audience are paramount in any sales cycle. For someone looking to find the right customer at a pharma company, there is Xpower Customer Targeting, a secure cloud solution that addresses various challenges and fulfills regional requirements for life science companies. Not limited to customer targeting, such a tool also helps companies with better territory design and decreases process complexities that increase overall productivity.

Better planning and allocation of territories to sales representatives also ensure personalized and meaningful engagement. Establishing trust and understanding customer needs contribute to long-term loyalty, which our customer targeting tool also takes care of. Over the years, our team has also helped life science companies identify and segment crucial segments within their customer base to decide the ideal platform to reach them. In the present, where there are multiple touchpoints and mediums to interact with HCPs, finding the right one can provide companies with the needed edge.

Efficiently planning sales cycles

Business planning and executing sales cycles are critical to realizing business objectives. Xpower Sales Compensation is a secure cloud-based solution that empowers pharma business managers and leaders to set achievable and equitable targets for their sales representatives by clicking a few buttons. The flexibility offered by this tool also helps businesses adapt to changing business conditions. From planning sales incentives, setting realistic targets for teams and individual product groups, using over 20 sales target-setting approaches, testing multiple methods, selecting the right one, leveraging the built-in fairness testing, and performing downstream reporting and validations. Rather than going through similar steps manually and wasting time, the sales compensation tool allows business users to plan their entire sales cycles and optimize their internal processes, boosting productivity and providing tangible benefits.

Targeted data analysis to uncover insights

Commercial excellence must leverage advanced data analytics and business intelligence to make informed decisions. Analyzing real-time data on market trends, customer behavior, and sales performance enables companies to adjust strategies dynamically and respond to changing market dynamics effectively. Finally, to make the whole data analysis process transparent and efficient, there is Xpower Boost, a no-code machine learning tool that makes data engineering easier and seamless for pharma business users. No advanced coding knowledge is required to run data analysis on this platform,  as it comes with readymade, intuitive scripts that can provide for easy replication. The tool also makes it possible to upload all the relevant data in a single place for analysis, thereby removing data silos and allowing comprehensive analysis. Xpower Boost also comes with advanced machine learning (ML) recipes that help life science companies uncover hidden patterns in the vast data they generate. It also provides explainable AI that allows business users to make sense of their data analysis results and make decisions accordingly.


The present scenario has necessitated the integration of digital mediums in any company’s business strategy. For pharma businesses, whose customer base consists of HCPs, planning the right approach and providing added value to any conversation can be crucial to enjoying high customer loyalty and engagement. There is an urgent need to integrate the latest technologies to optimize sales processes and boost productivity across the chain. Investing in SFE can be costly for businesses, and Xpower products can help companies plug the gaps that exist within their system.

Since its inception, Xcellen has always focused on making data analysis, SFE efforts, and planning sales cycles much easier for pharma businesses. Through innovative and cutting-edge products, companies can step closer to achieving commercial excellence, and our team will not stop any time soon. Xcellen comes with its range of products, helping customers find high-potential customers, creating effective omnichannel call plans, designing fair and attainable sales targets, managing incentive planning, and analyzing all the interaction data, making a solid case for themselves in the pharma technology market.