Xpower Boost

Xpower Boost is a no-code AI/ML platform for pharma and life-science companies. It helps identify and predict accurate customer personas and HCP segments, develop automated customer journeys, perform channel mix optimization, analyze ROI/mROI, and much more.

Data Engineering

A reliable, scalable, and efficient AI/ML platform that can handle large datasets and facilitate easier and faster data analysis. Complex and big data can be processed using precise technologies by simultaneously loading, adding, and merging multiple datasets. Companies can enhance their analytics capabilities through various enrichment techniques, such as handling missing data, correcting outliers, pulling data, grouping, sequencing, text transformations, etc. It offers a single platform for seamless handling and collaboration.

Self-Service, No-Code AI

Build and deploy machine learning (ML) models without writing a single line of code. This platform has a smooth interface and drag-and-drop tools that help you efficiently perform complex analyses. It uses pre-built machine learning algorithms, data preparation tools, and automated ML techniques to streamline the process. It allows users to understand how the model works and helps interpret and explain modeling results. It also helps organizations remain competitive in a data-driven world by making AI more accessible to everyone.

Explainable AI

With Xpower Boost, we aim to develop ML algorithms and models that business users can easily understand and interpret. Xpower Boost’s Explainable AI initiative seeks to make data analysis transparent by making AI models easily understandable and interpretable. It follows a no-black-box process with textual and visual explanations of the modeling results.


The Xpower Boost tool automates the process of creating and deploying ML models. Simplifying and streamlining the machine learning process makes it accessible to users of all levels of expertise in data science. Xpower Boost allows you to create, record, and deploy customized ML recipes. For future use, you can track tasks such as data pre-processing, feature engineering, model selection, etc., to simplify the process, reduce errors and enable easy replication. Xpower Boost also comes with standard, intuitive, and ready-made scripts for the step-by-step development of deep analyses.

Can't find the feature you are searching for?

Just ask us, Xpower is very flexible and can be customized to meet your exact needs.